About Us

The Foer family has provided prescription and pharmacy services at several retail locations in the metropolitan Washington, DC and Montgomery County Maryland area for over 50 years. Each generation adheres to our original principals and does everything possible to provide the finest prescription and pharmacy services with a warm friendly smile and a sympathetic understanding approach. We are pleased to know that our reputation is well respected in both the medical and long term care communities.

With the development of the innovative FOER-MEDS system, and the opening of our fifth location dedicated to the long term care sector, we now offer a safer and more efficient way of dispensing medications. FOER-MEDS is an alternative to the 'blister pack' or 'bubble pack' method that has been used for years. FOER-MEDS uses state-of-the-art computer directed automated technology that provides 100% accuracy for drug and strength as well as counting accuracy that is ten times higher than industry standards. In addition, all orders are manually checked by a FOER-MEDS technician before delivery. Consulting pharmacists as well as MARS are also available to further ensure accuracy in dispensing and documentation.

FOER-MEDS delivers medication in 7 or 14 day cycles.

We look forward to being of service to you and the people you care for.

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Michael Foer, Karen Foer